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How to!

Choose a tier (1-3 (A / B)), depending on how your finished graphic should look like.

Write me an email with all the important details you want to tell me. Who is represented? What feelings should the picture express?

I love stories, so just tell as much as you like. If there are already pictures, which I should use as a template or inspiration, please attach them. Include your maximum budget as well, so I can tailor my offer individually to your needs.

It is also important for me that I want to continue to use the graphics for advertising. If you do not want this, a surcharge will apply.

You will receive a mail back in which I propose a price.

If you accept the proposal from now on:

• You will receive an invoice via Paypal and must settle it within three days. Meanwhile, I start working on your illustration.

• You get (from level 1,2 or 3) work steps from me, as low-resolution graphics. If you do not like them, I need constructive criticism. If you accept the graphic, I will continue.

• Just before the graphic is finished, you will receive a preview image with watermarks. Small changes (color or similar) are possible without extra charge. This image must also be approved.

• Last but not least, if you like it all, you will receive your finished illustration, without watermark as a high-resolution graphic by mail.

• Finished! ♥

If you find the time it would be nice if you could write me a short and crisp review, that I can use on my website.

Examples / Tiers


Level 1

Bust-Commission, colors, no BG

Illustration of the upper body with focus on the person's expression and face. Transparent background.


Edgesquad • Personal

Level 2

Fullbody-Commission, colors, light BG

Illustration of the whole body with an unobtrusive background to frame the character.



Level 3

Fullbody-Commission, colors, full BG

Illustration of the whole body with a complex background, in color and with more details.


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